Video of the Week – Cat Parkour

Cat Parkour

Trying to rule the world is a tough job. It takes a lot of brains and talent. It also means that I must identify other talented cats that I can recruit. I'm not into the plethora of cutesy "nyan … [Read more...]

One Cat Versus the World – My Action Film Debut


My Project Hollywood quest continues as my talents are loaned to a new action film titled, "Kahn Versus the World" (I came up with that title, which is why it is so great). In essence, I felt if I … [Read more...]

My Hero, Darth Vader

My Hero, Darth Vader

Every ruler needs a hero, and mine is Darth Vader.  As you can see in this video, I can hardly contain my excitement at being so close to even a toy (Star Wars Darth Vader Bank) that imitates this … [Read more...]

Kahn and the Wagging Tail


You may watch this video and think, "oh that is so cute."  But this would only demonstrate your woefully inadequate intelligence.  This is serious warrior training here, not "kitten's play." I am … [Read more...]

Biting the Hand that Feeds Me

Part of my persona to fool the world is to act like a cute and cooperative kitty. It works, most the time. But I must admit it is hard to control myself. Take this video below, for example. My minion … [Read more...]