This is me with my new book, "Yes We Kahn."

This is me with my new book, “Yes We Kahn.”

My new book is nearly complete. It is about me and my near death experience.

Despite what my handlers may have told you, the idea to write a book to help with my medical bills was MY IDEA!  Do you think those soft-hearted, weak-minded humans could have come up with the concept themselves? Of course not. I “assisted” them in finding a possible solution to their financial problems. It is in my best interest to do so, since I am unfortunately dependent on them at this point in my life.

I’ve “persuaded” them to write the book from my perspective, but they think that this was totally their own brilliant concept. Little do they know how easily I control them.

I know the world needs me to lead. Soon my greatness will be revealed to all. Watch this site for more information on how to order the book and to spread the word about ME!

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