On August 18, Kahn the Cat was hospitalized in ICU for two-days after suffering acute heart failure.

Using 8 of His 9 Lives

Kahn almost died. But the excellent care he received at Oregon State University (College of Veterinary Medicine: Lois Bates Acheson Veterinary Teaching Hospital), along with his determination to live, determined spirit, kept him alive. In just a few days he had surely used 8 of his “9 lives.”

On Saturday, August 23, we held a yard sale to help pay for Kahn’s ever-growing medical bills. The yard sale was quickly put together so there was little time to promote it outside of Craigslist and about 24 “Help Save Our Cat” signs hanging throughout several neighborhoods.

The yard sale consisted of a bunch of our stuff and a “donation table” that told the story of Kahn with a donation box (see picture below). We included pictures of Kahn and even QR codes that people could scan to visit this site and see his “Ninja Kitty” video from when he was a kitten.


By the time the yard sale was over, we had raised:

$246.20 from sales
$29.79 from donations

While not a lot, every bit helps. We are so grateful for those that participated by purchasing or donating. This is part of a plan we created to try help pay for Kahn’s past, current, and future medical bills. We want to first pay back the money we had to borrow from others that allowed Kahn this second chance at life.

Kahn’s First Book Is Coming

Our next step is releasing a book about Kahn. It will be a short 28-30 page picture book (currently 80% complete) that tells a bit of his story from his perspective. Our goal is to see if the social community can come together and help out a cat, not by donating, but rather by buying something. All royalties from the book will go to Kahn’s medical bills and to other organizations that help people who cannot afford vet bills.

The key, for us, is getting the book out quickly. So look for the official announcement of its release in a few days.

Thank you for those who have expressed their heartfelt thoughts on Kahn the Cat during this critical time in his life. Please help us get the word out on the book once we announce it. Thank you!

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