Exactly three months ago today I nearly died after heart failure. Many say it was a miracle I lived. But I am  a miracle-maker, so I am not surprised. At the time of my hospitalization, which began on August 18, 2014, I was given a diagnosis of 4-12 months to live. I aced my one month checkup in September and plan on living beyond my diagnosis. After all, I am KAHN the Cat. I need to be here to lead my followers to a great victory as I rule the world.

Naturally, you are wondering what I did to celebrate my three month anniversary. The answer is that I slept 17 hours instead of my usual 14 hours. It was one nice nap! Here’s a picture:

Kahn the Cat taking a Nap

Now it is important to know why I nap. My naps give me the energy needed to take more naps in order to prepare to rule the world . Becoming a world leader is a very strenuous and active task.

I am only four years old. Dying at the age of five is not an option for me. But I know I have put a lot of financial strain on my handlers because of the vet bills, daily medications, and desire to make me comfortable. That is why I wrote the Yes We Kahn book – to help out. Check out the book or, if you want to donate to my medical bills, click the Donate button to the right.


Keep in mind that my handlers are human. I try not to hold it against them. But because of their defect, I am the one that has to do all the hard work… after my naps, of course.


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