One week ago our world came crashing down when Kahn was unexpectedly hospitalized with an enlarged heart and fluid in his lungs. He spent nearly 48 hours in ICU at the veterinary hospital of Oregon State University. (We have nothing but great things to say about the staff and facility there.)

We had originally considered euthanizing Kahn when wasn’t responding to initial treatments. He wasn’t given much time to live. The only possible solution was a trip to OSU’s vet hospital, a miracle trip that Kahn survived.

Now it is one week since the incident. Kahn is almost as good as new. He’s on four different medications. He has had some changes in behavior. He meows a lot more and he is actually a bit more adventurous.

Bottom line: He is alive! He appears to be determined to outlive his 4-12 month prognosis, and our goal is to help him.

We wanted to share a new picture of Kahn. He’s been out of the hospital and back home for just over four days. This picture was taken today.

Kahn loves He thinks they send the boxes just for him and when one arrives, he makes himself right at home inside of it.

Kahn one week after hospitalization


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