As you know from my previous post and Twitter posts, my ultimate goal is to rule the World. After all, that’s only the rightful place for a cat like me, right? In order to rule the World, though, it is important that I have a persona.  As you can see, I’m already well beyond my kitty years by using words like “persona,” which basically means I need to put on a “front” or “disguise” so that people don’t know my true intentions. Anyway, the persona I’ve developed is that of being a cute cuddly kitten. Yes, Kahn the Kitten if you will (I hate that name, but my owners think it’s “cute”… yuck).

Anyway, I’ve been working on some poses for my persona. I want to look cute and harmless even though I’m really mean and powerful… like BP Oil . So here’s the fake identity I’ve been working on as “Kahn the Kitten.” What do you think?

Kahn Kitten Pictures

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