Kahn the cat letting out one of his mighty roarsI am Kahn the Cat, soon to be Kahn the Conquerer, and I want to welcome you to my little island on the Internet. As of this post, I am nine weeks old. But don’t let my age fool you. I already have amassed a lot of experience to fulfill my ultimate destiny – to rule the World. Kahn you imagine that? I Kahn.

This Conquerer journal is to track my progress on the road to achieving ultimate greatness. I will rule one animal at a time, one owner at a time, one room at a time, one house at a time, one city at a time, one state at a time, one country at a time, and… hmmmmmm… I don’t know what comes after that. Perhaps the galaxy? Someone will need to make me a space suit first… and a Cat Nip… I mean Cat Ship.

I hope you enjoy my adventures as much as I will. After my initial quests have been achieved, I will graduate from being Kahn the Cat to Kahn the Conquerer. I skipped over the Kahn the Kitty stage as the name was wimpy. I’m all about power – the Power of the Paw and Power of the Claw . I’m a cat with attitude – Catittude if you please. And if you don’t please, too bad. I’m independent, powerful, and know how to use my Cattitude to get what I want. And if you don’t believe me, just follow my posts. Be sure to follow me on Twitter too as I update my conquests there frequently.

Time to make trouble…

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