(Kahn’s Korner) Today’s question comes from Fluffy from Saratoga, Florida.

Fluffy’s Question: Meow?Why does my owner feed me the exact same food everyday? Should I boycott eating in order to get something different? ~ Fluffy

Kahn’s Answer: Fluffy, you are absolutely right. Handlers tend to get complacent when it comes to dinner time. There is no excuse for serving you the same food day in and day out. They are just being lazy.

In your particular situation, I would not recommend that you boycott your meals. If your handlers notice that you stopped eating, they may take you to the dreaded veterinarian. You want to avoid that at all costs.

Instead, I recommend a two-step process:

First, eat at least some of your boring food. It is very important that your handlers see you eating.

Second, with your handlers still in hearing range, tip the bowl over. You have got to make it really clatter. The food, if dry, should scatter all over the place. This works really well on hard surfaced floors. It is even better if your food bowl is kept above the floor, like mine is. Having a bowl of food drop three feet to the floor really sends your handlers a message.

Never fear, Fluffy! By using my proven technique, I assure you the your handlers will soon get the point and begin serving you a wide selection of food.


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