Kahn’s Korner – The World’s Best Advice

Kahn's Korner - World's Best Advice... From a Cat!Kahn’s Korner is my advice column where you, my followers, can ask me questions. I will then bestow upon you my words of wisdom, providing you with the clarity and conviction by which to live your best life possible. (Well, at least as good as can be until I’m ruling the world.)

> Same Food Every Day (Fluffy from Florida)
> Halloween Cat Costumes (Sarge from St. Paul, Minnesota)
> Dirty Water Bowl (Iggy from San Diego, California)

Submit your questions to meow@kahnthecat.com. Please include your first name, the city and state in which you reside, and your personal photo, if available.

My lawyers require me to state the following:

  1. By submitting a question, understand that you are asking for advise from a cat. I have not been formally educated, I have not earned any degrees, and I have no licenses. Therefore, temper your expectations accordingly. Although my advice is alway brilliant, you must use your best judgement in implementing said advice.
  2. If you provide a photo, you are indicating that you have rights to the photo and that I have permission to use it on KahnTheCat.com.

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