Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel – a true female warrior and champion who lost her final battle to cancer last month.

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This year I received a new housemate and follower named Coco Chanel.  Coco had a rough life. She was abandoned at an apartment complex. The humans from Meow Village attempted to find her a good home. She was “adopted” by a family who unfortunately thought that Coco could be an outdoor cat. That didn’t work out, so she was returned to Meow Village. That’s where I come in.

Being the excellent leader I am, I know that all cats need to be part of a “family.” They need a home where loyalty is a two-way street.

Because of her background, I had a soft spot for Coco. So I allowed my handlers to bring her into the household. I welcomed her, even allowing her use of my litter box.

So how would I describe Coco?  Coco was a 10-year-old tortoiseshell with long fur. She was named after Coco Chanel, the famous French fashion designer and founder of Chanel. She looked like she was always mad, which could come in handy at times, particularly when she wanted wet food. Facade aside, Coco had a warm and loving heart. Because of her past, she was a bit apprehensive at first. But after a few weeks, she warmed up to our handlers.  It must have been hard for a cat that had had such a rough life to trust again, but she finally did.

As you may know, I was hospitalized on August 18 after heart failure. I even wrote a book to help my handlers with the medical bills. What you may not know is that upon my return from the hospital, Coco was diagnosed with an advanced form of cancer. Like me, she spent time in the hospital and our handlers did everything they could to save her. But her battle was lost. I don’t consider her a lost follower, because her presence is still with me and her inspiration lives on my household.

A Medallion made by humans to honor Coco.

A Medallion made by humans to honor Coco.

Now, I hate veterinarians. My only experience with them has been when they poke me and put instruments where nothing should go. So I was surprised when, a few weeks after her death, the brown truck guy showed up at my door with a package. My handlers opened the package to find a small decorated medallion-like ornament with Coco’s paw print and her name. Accompanying the gift was a card with personal notes from 11 of the vets at the College of Veterinary Medicine at Oregon State University. My handlers were so touched that water came out of their eyes.

When I pass, I will expect this kind of display of admiration – gifts and notes showing the mark I made on the world during my lifetime. Of course, I would also want a national memorial in Washington, D.C., a statue of me in Central Park, and the Egyptian Pyramids renamed The Kahn Pyramids in my honor. And do not forget a national holiday, with free wet food for all cats every year.

Ahem… yes… back to Coco. She was a good defender of her territory and would have made a great leader in my movement. Her spirit lives on.

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