It’s simple. Memorize it. Cats Rule and Dogs Drool. It’s so easy to remember, that it’s the only two categories I have on my blog. But some people need more convincing. So I have a video below to show you how dumb dogs are. This dog is drooling over ice cubes… yes, Ice Cubes.

Now a cat like me is a sophisticated eater. You show me ice cubes and I show you my rear end. You show me tuna and I show you my love-a-dub big eyed kitty look. It works every time. It’s because cats, unlike dogs, have a brain. That’s why we don’t sit, beg, or fetch sticks that you throw. We’re too smart for that and our time is better spent laying on a window ledge while plotting our takeover of the world (with me as leader, of course).

So back to dogs drooling. The proof is in the ice cube…

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