Cat ParkourTrying to rule the world is a tough job. It takes a lot of brains and talent. It also means that I must identify other talented cats that I can recruit.

I’m not into the plethora of cutesy “nyan cat” videos on YouTube. They serve a purpose, but not my purpose. When I peruse YouTube, I’m looking for cats that display brain power and incredible talent.

It’s not an easy job.

I find myself having to surf through tons of “eHarmony cat lady” videos, so called “cat fails,” and an endless array of cats chasing laser dots without success in catching it. But I do sift through these to find the true diamonds in the rough and that’s the purpose of this weekly column.

Every Friday I present a new video that demonstrates the superiority of the cat species. These aren’t “cutesy felines.” They are “fearless felines.”

Our first video to launch this column is a parkour cat named DIDGA. DIDGA is fearless and does a great job of demonstrating why cats rule.

Parkour Cat – DIDGA

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