In my quest to rule the world, I spent some time evaluating human society.  They place a great importance on people they call “actors.”  Oh, if they only knew who was the greatest actor of all.

These entertainers are worshiped and adored by humans, and some smart actors decide to convert this into great positions of power.  Examples of those who used their celebrity to get into politics include Sonny Bono, Jesse Ventura, Fred Thompson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Ronald Reagan.  Others used their star power for bleeding heart causes, such as U2’s Bono, Brad Pitt, Paul Newman, and Leonardo DiCaprio

Since, of course, I am the greatest actor in the world (as the movie trailers I will be posting in the week’s ahead attest to), I have determined that I will harness the star power of Hollywood for my own greatness.  I will manipulate the weak-willed population by creating a persona that no one can resist.  Here is my debut move trailer, Ninja Kitty. How can you not love me?

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