There is something seriously wrong with limiting the celebration of cat-dom to one day. Let me explain why every day should be a celebration of all things feline.

Humans love us more.

This is proven by the fact that there are approximately 96 million of us cats live with humans in the United States. Only about 80 million dogs are “owned” by humans. Do you see my point? Sorry, dogs!

Cats are smart enough to run government.

For example, a cat named Stubbs was mayor of an Alaskan city for 17 years. Mayor Stubbs, I thank you for elevating the standing of cats everywhere.

We land on our feet.

In addition, cats rule YouTube and the hearts of viewers. According to an AdAge article titled, “10 Stats that will change the way you look at video:”

“We looked at the 100 most-watched clips for both furry friends and aggregated their performance. Cat videos have generated over 1.6 billion views. Dog videos have only generated 1 billion views. Cats win on a daily basis as well, with the top 100 videos generating about 1 million views per day. The top 100 dog videos produce 700,000 views on average.”

If 1 million people are watching us on YouTube every day (self plug – subscribe to my YouTube channel) then they should be celebrating us every day too.

Not convinced yet? How about a reputable study that showed that Cats Control Humans? That’s right. We have a certain Jedi-mind trick sound we make that elicits a desired response in humans. We know how to press our handlers buttons. With that in mind, pay close attention humans: “Every Day is National Cat Day… Every Day is National Cat Day… Every Day is National Cat Day.” Just follow the red dot and repeat after me, “Every day is National Cat Day…



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