You may watch this video and think, “oh that is so cute.”  But this would only demonstrate your woefully inadequate intelligence.  This is serious warrior training here, not “kitten’s play.” I am honing my lightning quick reflexes and killer accuracy.

Now your pitiful excuse for an imagination may cause you to assume that the human holding me is teasing me as I do her bidding.  Ah, bad assumption. You see, I instead use my stellar good looks and suave manner in this situation to persuade her to do my bidding. It’s a Jedi mind trick. I was born with that ability and many more. And I don’t need any over-hyped Midi-chlorians to accomplish my tasks.

I am Kahn the Cat, soon to rule the World, and you’d do good to follow me in my quest (you will follow me). Here is the video of my warrior training… oh, please note: I did not select the music.

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