I Have Cat blog

A picture of the I Have Cat home page.

As I reenter the arena of blogging, I feel it is necessary to inspect successful blogs and glean knowledge from them. The current subject of investigation is a blog called I Have Cat.

This blog is run by Tamar, who I will forgive for being a human. She has a solid writing style with correct spelling and grammar, which I appreciate in cat-centric blogs. Tamar is the the handler for three cats: Kip, Petie and Haddie.

My female handler enjoys the astrology posts and the stories of struggle against the “cat lady” label. But I know that cats will like the discussions of cat toys and furniture, as well as the blog’s advocacy on behalf of cats.

I Have Cat also has contests (I will be adding some KAHNtests here soon), making it not only fun to read, but also profitable for the winners. I also enjoy reading the cat product guide and have highlighted one item for my handlers to buy me – the Square Cat Habitat furniture. This house needs more elegant and more scratchers.

While I’d love for you to hang around here, you should check out I Have Cat as my choice for Cat Blog of the Week.

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