Glogirly is a well-designed cat blog. I approve.

To achieve my goal to rule the world, I hold myself to high standards. They are impossibly high standards, especially for mere humans. So I was surprised to find a cat blog that comes close to meeting my exacting standards when it comes to design and cat content.

The “Blog of the Week” features Waffles. No, not the breakfast food that humans devour at breakfast (and sometimes dinner in my household). Waffles is a cat. Waffles and his housemate Katie are the subjects of the Glogirly blog. You have likely already heard of Glogirly. The blog has quite a following. Of course my glowing endorsement will only enhance it’s credibility.

The blog follows the adventures of Waffles and Katie. Because they do not have a dog to tease, they end up poking fun at each other. I find it amusing.

The blog is polished and well organized, as evidenced by the many design awards it has won. I will begin the reeducation of my handlers regarding the tenets of good design by making Glogirly the homepage of their browser. My handlers tend to be slow learners, so it may take awhile.

But Glogirly is not all about good design and entertaining me. It has a serious mission: To raise funds for homeless cats. I support this cause whole-heartedly. The more cats that can be place into homes with Internet connections, the easier it will be to organize and train them.

Glogirly also has humorous videos of Waffles and Katie, as well as photos, product reviews, and contests. I recommend it.

A Glogirly Video (Not surprisingly, it was a Friskies contest finalist.)


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