My blog of the week is Cat Chat with Caren and Cody. This blog is co-written by a blue tabby named Cody and his handler, Caren. They have just celebrated their 5th year of blogging. Cat Chat features stories about cat health issues and rescue group events. It also includes reviews on books and cat-related products, along with giveaways that readers can enter.

Cody is a fan of professional football, especially the Detroit Lions. I like this. Football is a sport requiring strategy and brute force, both of which I agree with. (I occasionally watch the NFL, but I prefer the excitement of college football. I support the Oregon Ducks, because one of my handlers graduated from the U of O, and the Oregon State Beavers, because their veterinary hospital saved my life.)

Cody and Caren also talk about cat rescue organizations. I was a rescue cat, so I can appreciate that they are promoting taking cats out of bad situations.

The goal of Cat Chat with Caren and Cody is for the blog to be “a warm, cozy, inviting place for cat lovers from all over the world.” It makes me want to curl up by a fire with some cat nip and wet food.

I heartily encourage you to visit Cody’s website. It has useful pet information, product giveaways, and an outstanding cat named Cody. The site was done in honor and memory of Caren’s former cat, Bobo.

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