Kahn the cat letting out one of his mighty roarsKahn the Cat has high ambitions. Born into a home that was condemned due to too many cats, Kahn was rescued by a shelter then adopted into his new home in June 2010. Kahn has only one goal in life – to be top cat. He has a “sister”, Asia the Cat and also has two dog friends, including Taco the Chubby Chihuahua and Belle (lab mix).

Kahn’s ultimate goal is to change his name from Kahn the Cat to Kahn the Conquerer. Every day Kahn works on his war strategies and plots how he will take over the world, beginning one species at a time.

Kahn’s not afraid of anything.  He’s faster than a speedy owner chasing him.  He can leap tall trash cans in a single bound and even land in them (then spread the trash all over the floor). Is it a bird? A plane? Wonderdog? No, it’s Kahn the Cat and this blog tracks his adventures in his quest to rule the galaxy.

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